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px is a framework for creating cross platform UI applications using JavaScript modules, with primary goals of creating light weight reusable components and applications that work in a browser like environment.

A high level representation of the px stack is shown below.

The stack components.

The pxscene API

pxscene supports a set of widgets and functions for application authoring via its bindings to JavaScript. The supported APIs are documented here:

pxscene API

Simple Hello World Example

The following code example is a minimal module covering the traditional "Hello, World" that many tutorials use as the initial presentation.

              // scene object is provided to the module when it is created
                           t:"text",                // Element type will be text
                           parent: scene.root,      // Parent element
                           text:"Hello, World!",    // the text
                           x:100, y:100,            // position
                           textColor:0xff0000ff,    // RGBA - red text
                           pixelSize:64});          // font height
The Hello World example will produce the example screen shown below.

Frameworks documentation

Spark (aka pxscene)

View the Project on GitHub pxscene/pxscene

pxscene stable
Installer: OSX | Windows | Release Notes

pxscene edge
Installer: OSX | Windows

Minimum Requirements for Installation
Platform OS RAM Disk Space Processor Speed
Mac OS Macbook Pro (macOS Sierra) 256 MB 24 MB 1 GHz
PC Windows 10 (Build 15063) 128 MB 24 MB 1 GHz

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